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Since riders differ in height, you need to consider how tall do you want your bike to be? 22-002-19 Showa Genuine Parts Showa Rebound Adjuster AUD $36.30 In Stock Part No. Are they approachable if you have any issues? You want to make sure that it can carry the maximum load you want it to. Theyre available at an affordable cost, ensuring you attain performance, comfort, and quality ride at a decreased price. Theyre a blend of dropped shock springs and stubby shocks; this improves a pre-load adjustment for aligning to various rider weights, making them pillion-friendly as well. that allows your shocks to do their job efficiently and effectively while helping to reduce the amount of energy that is transferred from the road to your frame. have specific fitment and are made right here in the USA by Colony. Progressive Suspension 422-4002C Heavy Duty Rear Suspension for Softail, 6. Stock shocks are likely designed for easy-going riders on smooth roads.But if you feel a bit uneasy on short turns and struggle to pick up speed after turning, youre not alone. Buy Ohlins STX36 Twin S36PR1C1L Shock Absorbers For Harley Davidson 2004-2022 Sportster Models (HD 143) Menu; Specials; Models; Catalogues. This extension gives 1" of extra ground clearance on aftermarket Ohlins rear shocks. Motorcycle shocks undergo a lot, from riding on difficult terrains to carrying heavy passengers and loads. Buy Ohlins STX36 Twin S36PR1C1L Shock Absorbers With Yellow Springs For Harley Davidson 2004-2022 Sportster Models (HD 144) Menu; Specials; Models; Catalogues. I was disappointed when I dragged my new pipe on a hard right hand turn. The Factory Spec FS-04505 are shocks for the Sportster, measuring 10.5 inches in length. Whether its riding gears, backpacks, motorcycle batteries, GPS, covers, or anything related, we will explore them in great detail allowing you to make well-informed decisions about which motorcycle accessory and product will suit your particular needs. These extensions are stackable up to 2". The shocks come with a preload-adjustable for tuning per the riders weight. Burly Brand. On the other hand, oil sprung shocks have large springs (made of metal) placed outside the bikes telescopic tubes. Sell now Shop with confidence eBay Money Back Guarantee (12.7 to 25.4 mm). On the other hand, some riders can have a more aggressive riding style. Its also the best time to modify the air shock pressure height for your Harley-Davidson. From this, you should look for shocks that have a high weight limit. Traditional rear shocks tend to wear out very quickly. 2 Inch Lowering Kit for Harley Touring '02-'22 (Coil Shocks) $99.98 In Stock! Body Material: Steel. Shock bushings are not universal. Most important is determining the type of shipping materials best suited for the shipment. Stiff a medium to high speeds. Motorcyclists can invest in them knowing that they improve a riders safety because they offer room for height adjustment, allowing riders to rest their feet on the floor naturally whenever they stop this prevents embarrassing situations where you drop your Harley. At some point, youre going to encounter rough and bumpy roads. Progressive Suspension. Its eye to eye installation type doesnt require users to have technical expertise. Changes to height are good and will take it down to approximately two inches. Additionally, the bike will turn more smoothly with the wheels gaining enhanced traction, resulting in a safer ride. and they aren't rebuildable. Hi, my name is Andrew. Top 10 Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring 1. The shocks allow room for adjustment through unique air fitting, which resists air leakage all of which makes for a superb double-up touring experience. The whole project was created and supported by personal funds. These shocks are a significant investment but are great for heavier riders or those who carry a passenger regularly. The lifting blocks relocate the lower shock mounting point by a height of 1-1/8", this in effect make the shock 1-1/8" taller than in their stock position. Different brand motorcycles use different shock bushings. Riders can enjoy exceptional handling through full-displaced valving on extension-compression cycles for a smoother ride.They further come with an iron piston for extended service life and enhanced durability. Because at Penske Racing Shocks, your success is our success. . Fits: 2015-2023 Harley Road Glide Models This is one of the reasons many people begin to search for new shocks in the first place. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do they have a good reputation in the motorcycle world? Their installation takes place at the rear side to maintain the heavyweight. Tell us what you love or what we need to fix. Based on reviews, these Progressive shocks are easy to install, and you can adjust preload by hand. The separation helps sustain stability when making your turns, twists, and going over bumps. In addition, Aaron handles all dealer relationships and has been a driving force behind Penske Racing Shocks long term in-house manufacturing strategy . This products 8mm spring thickness and 60 mm spring width is enough to suggest that it will keep your Harley street glide safe for years. Aaron was promoted to General Manager in 2019, a position he currently holds. Fewer bumps mean more relaxed rides, and you wont be fixated on getting your stance right. The following brands are exempt from additional discounts to the selling price: Baker Drivetrain, Biltwell, Coker Tire, Cannonball, Drag Specialties, GigaCycle Garage, Hunt Magneto, Jims USA, Kraft Tech Inc., Morris Magneto, S&S Cycle. Although you should always try to avoid potholes, the impact will go over much better when these are fitted to your bike. . Labels (and packing slips) should print in a predictable order based on: Sequence that an order was selected in shipping platform. This extension gives 1" of extra ground clearance on aftermarket Ohlins rear shocks. What do their customers say about them? If you dont feel as much as what was given from the shocks before, then your bikes springs are good to go. Installing rear shocks can be quite challenging, particularly for those who are new to them. The fact that they are preload adjustable makes them flexible and versatile. While buying those that are easiest to install shouldnt be the main buying factor in the shocks listed, having something that can go on without spending a day (or an investment at a shop) setting it up is an added bonus. Furthermore, the preload adjustability gives you a dynamic response, and the shocks are designed to be re-buildable. They come with preload adjustability to adjust where your motorcycle suspension sits, and custom spring loading based on the riders weight is a nice touch. Soft shocks however are at the front to absorb minor tensions while on the move. Noone wants scratched paint and a 500-pound machine to lift, after all! Harley-Davidson. Our. The Burly Brand Slammer Shocks are an excellent choice If you are looking for the best rear shocks for Harley Davidson Touring at a budget. Apart from ride quality, there are a couple of other metrics to consider. It graces through tight curves nicely without causing bottom out. This particular set functions with the 1998-2020 Touring bikes and is best for a smooth, easy ride. The shock mounting hardware provides a positive mounting position for the motorcycle shock bushings which also help reduce vibration and frame fatigue. Burly Brand Rear Lowering Kit - Black - 1986-1999 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL $82.76 $91.95 V-Twin Manufacturing Shock Bushings replaces OEM# 54556-84 Harley Sportster 1985 - Up 2 $17.95 SAVE 5% Colony #2405-10 Shock Mounting Chrome Hex Bolt Kit Harley Sportster 04-up 2 $54.08 $56.93 Share on Tumblr. This compromises comfort, control and handling confidence. Works Performance - Harsh, even after being sent back 2 times (Street Trackers) for tweaking, they just couldn't be dialed in. 1-1/4" Rear Lift Shock Mount Extension Fit For Harley Softail Street Bob 18-22 $57.99 Free shipping 1-1/4" 1.25" Rear Lift Shock Mount Extension Fit For Harley Softail Models 18-22 $57.99 Free shipping Check if this part fits your vehicle Select Vehicle Hover to zoom Have one to sell? FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89 - We Ship Today! Harley Davidson Indian . We want to understand your riding weight, with and without a passenger and gear, to ensure that you have the comfort and performance you are looking for. Contact us: 800-969-7501; We'll ship today if ordered in: . If you need to replace your shock bushings it is best to look up the correct size for your application. Most shocks come in various colors along with an anodized finish, allowing you to select your favorite. Tall Rear Shock $447.95 (2) Premium Ride Emulsion Shocks - Low-Profile $638.95 (3) Profile Low Rear Suspension $413.95 (0) Softail Comfort Flex Rear Shocks $326.95 (5) Shock Bolt Cover Kit $43.95 (2) of 1 A Variety of Motorcycle Shock Absorbers At Harley-Davidson, we offer several different types of motorcycle shock absorbers. Exterior: Black Anodized. This is the same, we use on our bikes so we know it performs like it should. If you obtain comfortable shocks, you wont dread bumps. Our Top 3 Rear Shocks for Harley-Davidson Touring 1. Motorcycle Shock Hardware for custom Harley and Triumph Builds, Lowbrow Customs carries an assortment of motorcycle. Mallofusa Universal Motorcycle Air Rear Shocks, softening is likely to occur, depending on their weight, You will need additional tools to install it, 6 Finest Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Review [2022], Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides Reviews. Rear Shock Extension For 2-4" LiftCadillac Chevy GMC SUV 1500 2007-2017 Aftermarket Worry-free satisfaction guarantee Free Shipping on All Orders, US $39.98 Tough powdercoated 1/4" carbon steel shock extensions install in the factory upper rear shock mount to greatly decrease the chance of over-extending the factory shocks These Be the first to review this product! Installing this longer eyelet will give you approx 1-3/4" of lift at the rear axle. Penke Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock is 100% custom-made and forged by hand to your specifications. You can read ride height numbers in a brochure, but ultimately, you need to sit on the bike and see if its easy for both feet to touch the ground. Makes for greater ground clearance, as well as making it easier to get that front tire off the ground. Whether you purchase a used or new motorcycle, you must adjust the suspension depending on your riding style and weight. Add to Cart. The main purpose a shock absorber serves is to offer a bike rider with an added layer of security and comfort. Copyright 2023 Designs Sitemap Here are some of the basic features to judge before you dive in and make a purchase: Effective motorcycle riding is a question of comfort and safety. Stock suspension almost always never works. This is only a sticker and can be removed if you wish. E-Gift Card purchase price does not count toward your total for free shipping. It could also help you gain better control and confidence in your riding since you wont be wasting time getting your foot adjusted or pushing down the kickstand when its not necessary (red lights, sitting in traffic, etc.) This is where you should consider choosing an aftermarket rear shock. Lowbrow Customs carries an assortment of motorcycle shock mounting hardware to help you mount your shocks safely and securely to your motorcycle. This is due to many factors, but most notably the risk of bottom-out takes place (detailed further). The decision to decide whether to select a coil or air shock will depend largely on the kind of riding youre doing along with the budget. harley davidson flstc heritage softail classic 00-06 jbs rear shock absorbers New Hood Release Control Bowden Cable For 2011-2016 BMW X3 2015 X4 51237210728. Regardless of the components, you choose to modify in your Harleys system, you can still expect superior performance. There are two main types of rear shocks: air-sprung and coil sprung. While the default shocks have positive attributes, rides could be too soft or uncomfortable when driving around the pavement thats bumpy. 427dave said: I am finding oil on my garage floor under the right axle area of my bike (FLHTK). Directions are easy to follow, and the shocks can be fully installed in less than three hours. Customization and the fact that the shocks are rebuildable means youre always maintaining the highest standards. Rear suspension springs are a toss-up as well but may perform better when a little stiff. Consent is not a condition to purchase. But too soft can also be an annoyance. You wont even require any special tools to modify them to your height making them great regardless of whether youre a tall or short rider. The shock contains a tiny bushing in each of its eye, which allows the shock to rotate smoothly, while the suspension is working. The next Progressive Suspension product is the 412-4062B, 11-inch shocks that give outstanding improvements to the rear by keeping your wheels from jumping up when you're at high speed. Doing this can stiffen your back and make it difficult to go over normal road imperfections that you would have trouble with on better shocks. We are an independent community of brand fans and do not publish paid content. 22-007-02 Showa Genuine Parts Showa Seal Head Stop Rubber 22 x 39 x 7 AUD $30.25 In Stock Part No. Regardless, the top pick from the list is the Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT, chosen for their smooth performance over rough pavement and relatively easy setup. These bushings feature a steel sleeve surrounded by a butyl rubber bushing that will help reduce energy transfer from the shock to the frame. When it comes to damping, you dont want too much which can reduce tire grip and affect ride quality. Shocks are an important determiner of how comfortable your ride will be. $614.00. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. While the HD 022s give truly great performance across the board, youll also find that theyre incredibly easy to install with several customers wondering why they chose to use their stock suspensions for so long. My goal with this blog is to share my experience with and help you discover new and exciting things about your bikes. Coil-sprung shocks are more affordable than air units are, so youll normally find them on budget bikes. Make sure this product fits your bike Select a Ride Enter Your Bike Details Reset Find Qty Add to Cart Your total: Riders Also Bought HOGWORKZ Jiffy Stand Coaster for Harley-Davidson 1. Every brand above has the ability to be modified by height, but the length itself doesnt change from brand to brand very much. The modifiers enable increased control over bumps for a more comfortable and smoother drive. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT Best Harley Touring Shocks, 2. If the motorcycle squats or glides on hard acceleration, or you cant sense changes in the road surface, its time you consider new shocks.You should also watch out for any deformities. External Kraus 1" Rear Shock Extensions for Ohlins 044/357, Ohlins Shocks HD 044 Twin 13" for 2014-2023 Harley Touring, Ohlins FKS 228 NIX 22 Cartridge Kit for 2017-2023 Harley Touring, Ohlins HD 506 13" Shock for 2018-2022 Harley FLHC/FXLRS, Complete Baja LP6 Pro-LED Light Kit for 2015-2023 Harley Road Glide, Ohlins FKS 508 NIX 30 Cartridge Kit for 2018-2021 Harley Fat Bob & FXLRS. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT - Best Overall Features Brand - Progressive Suspension Model - 944-4020UT Lowered 1 inch Three weight options Standard Heavy-duty 115+ kg Super heavy-duty 160+ kg frequency Sensing technology Spring adjustment by hand Warranty lifetime limited Weight - 6 lb This extension gives 1 of extra ground clearance on aftermarket Ohlins rear shocks. Additionally, the Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock is also owner-rebuildable, so you can easily convert it into a fully serviceable shock at a minimum cost. $19999. Harley-Davidson Touring bikes are tyically undersprung and have damping that is both too mushy and too harsh at the same time. Combining fair prices and hardcore testing for each product, you can be pretty certain that each 412-4075 B model has been passed through a solid quality control team before reaching you. Front shocks are best when soft, which helps absorb most impacts without it leading to a distraction from your driving. Use the Shop By Vehicle tool to search for parts that fit your vehicle. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Ohlins Shocks HD 044 for Harley Touring models are a top of the line shock and the best you could possibly get. Harley-Davidson SKU: 783517 12.85in Bitubo WME22 Adjustable Rear Shock Set Black - H-D Tourin Quantity Available: 1 $995.00 Harley-Davidson SKU: 783504 12in Bitubo WME22 Adjustable Rear Shock Set Black - H-D Touring ( Quantity Available: 1 $995.00 Harley-Davidson SKU: 783478 Bitubo Front Shock Cartridges H-D FLHTCU-FLHTCU TC-FLHTK (14-16)/ The stocks also enable simple installation without the need for special tools you wont need much more than a spanner to get the job done. You can pre-load them during adjustments, and wrenches would be all you need to get it to the desired height. Longer shock length from the frame bracket to the shock eye will equal lower motorcycle ride height. Doc Harley from the Service Clinic at Low Country Harley-Davidson to help you with the health of your motorcycle! Once the shocks are in place, they can adapt easily and change depending on the terrain because of the full-displaced valving, which is tuned to handle bumpy roads and highways. Free shipping available to the contiguous 48 states, DC, and to all U.S. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses only. They are well worth the extra expense. Theyre a combination of stubby shocks and dropped shock springs and are 10.5. Just do your homework with the spacers, as no instructions are given with the product. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. Lets also take a look at why Penskes Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock may be the best option in the market. This guide offers some of the best shocks for your Harley we hope that this helps you get the perfect ride, making for some great memories with your machine. Rear shocks come in various sizes. Also, more weight means more strain on the shocks when they cruise over bumps of any sort on the road, so youll definitely feel it more if youre riding in a place with poor road conditions. The kits come with a pair of machined and powdercoated blocks that bolt to your existing shock mounting location on the swingarm with the supplied grade 8 hardware that will fit most shock options. If youre seeking an enhanced riding position as well as a clear appearance with the lowering rear, this model is ideal. These heavy-duty shocks undergo pressurization with gas and oil to decrease air loss which is evident in other brands.The HD 022s come with preload adjustability and a single-tube damper. I have been running these for just over a year now. 1. This product is ideal for the roughest of terrains and the clumpiest roads, making sure you can travel without any discomfort. But dont discard your consideration for the others, which could be refined to fit your bike better. Doing this could save you lots of time (and funds) from not having to tend to later repair work. Taking the time to think about your ride habits and preferences will lead to a better purchase. It utilizes a large 46mm bore with deflective disc damping, threaded body and a 5 position rebound adjuster. Softail Shock Extensions 2- 3 Lift For Ohlins Rear Shocks $ 150.00 SIZE Add to cart SKU: ST-673 Category: M8 Softail Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description Big Bear Performance Softail Shock extension for Softail .These are made for Ohlins shocks only Will lift HD-505 2 or 3 inches Will lift HD-503 1.5 or 2.5 inches While there are plenty of shock absorbers that can do this job, but very few are as good as the Mallofusa universal rear shock absorber. You can deflate or inflate as required up to 150 PSI to sustain level height with extra weight. Custom Chrome; Zodiac; Motorcycle Storehouse; Parts Europe; USD $ GBP After riding on your new shocks, look at the frame if you notice an awkward hit. 22-090-05 Showa Genuine Parts Showa Seal Head Stop Rubber 31 x 42 x 7 AUD $24.67 In Stock To get an accurate listing of this, you could either call or refer to the manufacturers website. Super easy install with the included hardware. This is a good sign that youve adjusted too low, or that you gauged the height incorrectly. And be sure to pick up rear shocks as well, especially if you do ride with a passenger on most occasions. The ride is a little rougher, but that is the price you pay for a lowered bike.. Neither would you want too little, which can cause loss of control over spring oscillations and make your bike unstable. Any additional items purchased ship free. Before a product can be shipped, several things need to be addressed. Shock Extensions, Steel, Black, Ford, Rear Lower, Pair Part Number: BEL-6657 ( 1 ) Estimated Ship Date: Dec 30, 2022 (if ordered today) Drop Ship Special Order On Sale $71.10 $79.00 (Save $7.90) Add To Cart Compare Wish List Western Chassis Shock Extender Kits 2077 When we custom-valve, we make sure we pay attention to your riding style. Also, examine the warranty and make sure you understand it to verify whether youre covered in case of defects. This comparison chart lists some of the primary differences in the shocks that are reviewed. Large shoulder bolts or high-strength allen head bolts for V rod applications. They come at an affordable price, ensuring you achieve comfort, performance, and ideal quality ride at a reduced cost. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. There have been incredible advancements in full-suspension technology and designs. Burly Brand Black Rear Slammer Shocks Best Overall, 2. To start the process of getting your own fully customized Heritage Cruiser shock, get in touch with our shock specialists here. Your motorcycle shocks have the job of absorbing all of the bumps in the road. In this post, well be looking at the best rear shocks for Harley Davidson bikes. Ideally, you should buy from a reputable company. Measure your stock shocks to verify the length. If theres nothing there, check out the motor gashes or cracks. Upon loading, its worth noting that the shocks might go down by almost two inches maximally. Aftermarket shocks frequently provide a longer travel distance, implying the bike wont bottom out as fast. The product is available in chrome and black finish, so you can select the one you feel blends well with your bike for an appealing look. Ride smoothly and safely with affordable Harley-Davidson front and rear shock absorbers from Dennis Kirk. You can counteract the issue by including shocks with extra height. Therefore, the construction should comprise sturdy material, for instance, durable steel. And with more absorption comes better or longer rides during your travels. Pre-load adjustment tool included. Because the factory spring is unaffected, as well as shock angle which keeps your stock spring rate and valving the same as factory. Rear Suspension Lift Kit - 140-000 Arlen Ness. Twin Adjustable - Performance Rear Shocks For Harley-Davidson. Additionally, know whether or not it will fit your bike. From fork kits to Dynamoto Triple Trees, Kraus offers everything to make your Softail handle your riding needs, whether slabbing it or carving canyons. easily convert it into a fully serviceable shock, Other Powerful Features of the Penske Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock. cart reminders) at the phone number provided. Features a 13.0 length that is +6/-6 mm adjustable. Most manufacturers offer a free manual describing how to adjust and install the shocks. If youre using a bike that isnt a Harley, you may have more choices available but require extensive tuning before it ready to go next to your wheels. $899.95. If youre planning on getting your ride installed at a shop, be sure to let them know how low. NO SPAM, EVER. Heavier passengers will increase these effects, but not so much if both weigh about the same. Some of the products may ship with the sticker separate, however. Do you feel safe and in control of your bike when you accelerate, brake, and turn? Broken constituents, bottoming out, or low-quality rides are a sure sign that your shocks need to be replaced or adjusted most shocks last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, so expect them to last fairly long. Gas-filled shocks typically come with an interior floating piston that divides the shock oil and gas. C $126.24 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lower Shock Stud Kit fits Harley-Davidson at the best online prices at Free shipping for many products. Requires removal of shock and compressing the spring to install. This way, youll save some extra money, which you could use for other purposes. The kits come with a pair of machined and powdercoated blocks that bolt to your existing shock mounting location on the swingarm with the supplied grade 8 hardware that will fit most shock options. Whats makes this rear shock absorber stand out is that unlike most universal rear shock absorbers, this one is actually compatible with most, if not every bike. Overall, its a highly recommended shock thats leap and bounds better than Harleys standards. Suspension & Frame; Bodywork & Fenders; Brake Components; Hand Controls, Bars & Mirrors; Foot Controls; Electrical, Dashes & Gauges; Lighting, Custom LED; Audio Systems & Intercom; . does boy scouts of america support planned parenthood,

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